Hay bales and starlings.
Black on yellow,
A quiet contemplation,
Still life,
Waiting for a
Sign, a cry,
A mumeration.


Behind the headlines

A fatal stabbing.
(A boy bleeding in the road
A family ruined, a quieter home)

A purse grabbing.
(The wallet thrown, just one of many
Pensioner left without a penny)
A cyclist crash.
(The crunch of metal, the snap of bone
A wife left crying, all alone)

A gang clash.
(Anger, hatered, chains and knives 
Ruining so many lives)

A burglary
(A ransacked home, a broken door
Won’t want to live there anymore)

A somebody shot me….
(A wasted life, gone so young
The retaliation has just begun)

Behind the headlines, societies wrongs. 
Turn the page. Life goes on.