Bio: Hey. So, about me. Well, I like writing, so decided it was time to write about stuff I love. Ale. Food. Our camper van. Books. Life. General stuff. So here it is...I hope you like.

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17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey BB. Thanks for dropping by my blog and letting me know you appreciated some of my poetic writing. I’ve so far enjoyed reading your free and relaxed poetic style. Look forward to more of it!

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    • Hey Peter, thanks for popping along to mine and liking my poems! Really enjoying your poetry – seen you have prose too, so planning to have a read of that soon too…looking forward to it! Beth

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    • Hi Saunsea, thanks for popping over to my blog! Well…. I write because I love the power of words. I love the way that you can take a feeling, a moment in time, a slice of life and capture it, with just the right words that make it last forever. For me, that’s pretty cool. And I get inspired by all sorts. Something I feel, or have seen, or have read or experienced. Everything. Because it’s all a story really, isn’t it? And we’re just writing it as we go along.
      And you? Why do you love writing?!


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