Driving in the middle lane

Shines his shoes on a Sunday.
Wears a white shirt every Monday.
Doesn’t like curry or spicy food,
Thinks it’s shocking when teens are rude.
Drives a black estate Volvo car –
The best safety rating by far.
Enjoys a caravan holiday by the beach,
But not far from home – within an hours reach.
IT manager, pleased with his lot,
Likes the semi detached he’s got.
Reads the Daily Mail for News.
He thinks that it reflects his views.
Golf on a Saturday – same routine,
Living the middle England dream.
Happy with his steady life
Happy with kids and little wife.

Wakes up to find the family gone
Doesn’t see what he’s done wrong.
No infidelity, drugs or booze,
No violence, anger, depression, blues.
An ordinary life, playing in the lines
Didn’t see the warning signs.

Wife looks back, says it’s a shame.
Too much driving in the middle lane.


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