Bird watching

Not yet ready for flight,
Swaying tight on overhead wires.
Perched in a beaked huddle,
Chittering, chattering,
A feathered cuddle.


Festival of Beer

You’re celebrating ale,
Having a whale of a time.
You’ve discared wine
And are supping the hop
Making it top
Of the list,
A whole day’s worth of
Getting happily pissed.

And now you’re at a beer festival
Shouting ‘it’s the bestival!’
Great friends, great drink
It’ll be worth the stinking
Hangover in the morning
When you can’t stop yawning
And want to crawl back to bed
With tired eyes and a
Banging head.

For now you’ll clink your glass
Smile and dance
And make a general ass of yourself –
What better way to
Enjoy a really brilliant Saturday night?!
Drinking ale makes everything


Dressed up to the nines
Looking so fine you make
Everyone smile, stop a while
Whilst you put on your show.
Even the commuters walk slow
To stop and stare,
Taking in your magical air.
As fresh as the autumn breeze,
You wow with your beauty
And simply aim to please.

Tonight, London town,
You’ve washed away frowns
Your beautiful skies,
An evening surprise.
Candyfloss hues backed by a sheet of
Clear blue.
A sunset on fire
You simply inspire,
This urban sprawl
Not bland at all,
But alive, alive with the
Colours of the fall.