Saturday night’s not quite alright

Made plans
But still at home,
Your own
One night stand,
Alone drinking
Cheap white wine
Pretending everything’s fine.
Sat in a new dress
Confess that life
Might be a bit of a mess.
By the end of the glass
You’ve texted,
Kicked his ass,
By the end of the bottle
Gone full throttle,
You don’t need let-downs
Too many promises
Too many misses.

Wake up with a thumping head
Fully clothed,
Alone in bed.
Smile through the haze,
Welcome these single days.
Enough of this man-effect
Love yourself.
Time for some self-respect.


You’re on your balcony,
The air is humid, hot.
Warm breeze
A caress from the one
You think about most.
Spiced wine in a crystal cup,
The evening bustle from
The street below soaks
Up your silence,
Thinking about your
Next six words,
Words that will cause hearts to
Skip a beat, ache with the simple
Pen poised you wait,
Blue gaze in a heat-hazy distance,
Searching for the girl you had,
The woman you left behind.

Page 3

Short skirts,
Too-high heels that hurt.
But you smile, turn heads,
Get old men into unmade beds.
Lie for the night
Seems like you’ve done everything right.

Celebrity calls
See magazine covers adorning walls.
Smile for the news –
It’s your body to use and abuse.

But there’s always someone younger,
With more scantily-clad hunger.
Posing, gurning,
Tit-showing, head turning.

Time to hang up that thong.
Think about where it all went wrong.