It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Officially summer
and it’s officially wet.
The ground is as sodden
as it’s ever going to get.
The streams are bursting banks
and there’s rivers on the rise,
(a haven for mosquitos and those
little nibbly flies).
The heavens can’t stop opening,
the sky is dark and grey –
though that’s starting to be ‘normal’
for a British summer’s day.
Everyone’s in wellingtons
and baggy waterproofs
just in case a shower hits
and you’re caught upon the hoof.
Umbrella sales are soaring –
it’s really not much fun –
and everyone keeps looking up
trying to glimpse an absent sun.
We’re wishing hard for blue skies
in this wet and soggy land,
although just a respite from this rain
would really be quite grand.
So come on UK weather!
Cheer up and do us proud!
Just one teeny lovely day,
Boiling hot without a cloud.
To lift our spirits happy,
let children run about,
have barbecues, enjoy ourselves –
and wring the wet stuff out.


6 thoughts on “It’s raining, it’s pouring…

    • I think the north of the UK has had the best of it! My Mum is in North Wales and she’s as brown as a berry. I’m London / Kent way, and seem to get drenched at least once a day with mega-rain at the moment. There have been some beautiful sunsets though – every cloud and all that!

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