I would have
Written a poem but
When I got home
The boiler had exploded
And there was paddling
And water
And tears
As the new floor in
The new house
It’s sorrows.

It’s times like this
I wish I could just say
My dog had eaten my
And lead a
Child’s life


6 thoughts on “Flood

    • Nope. It’s our house. So I’ve been mopping. And mopping some more. And getting a quote for a new boiler. Looks like the expensive range cooker I was after is going to have to wait. Sigh…


      • Oh yes, I wasn’t sure if you were renting or if you owned. I’ve owned a couple of times but rent now. I’m kind of glad I’m not responsible for all the home repairs anymore. I feel for you.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah. Renting is so much easier. And thanks for the sympathy! We’ll get there with this place though. It’s a little old cottage so there’s bound to be teething problems. Just wasn’t quiet expecting one quite so soon after moving in!


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