Making you better

Take the pills,
Tiny, white.
Help your sweet dreams
Come at night.

Take the pills.
Oval, red.
Stop the voices
In your head.

Take the pills.
Yellow, green.
Forget all
You have seen.

Take the pills.
Take the pills.


Bluebell home for the elderly

Slippers scuff nylon carpet
Shuffling, shuffling. 
Paisley and wrinkled tights
Smell stale, old, forgetful.
TV turned loud,
Watch the pictures flicker,
Comfort of a wing backed chair
And a cup of milky tea.

They dread your visit.
Empty chit chat,
Weather, whether
Nothing names.
Vacant expressions all round,
Praying to god for an
Escape route.
Flying to heaven in a
Wing backed chair.
Crying over spilt tea.