Crafty Beggars in the House

I’m super excited
Cos I’m on TV!
With Julie and Wendy
Talking artwork-type poetry!
So tune in tomorrow
to see what you think
of these custom written works of mine
stamped in black typewriter ink….

(And here’s the shameless promotion….

I am actually the first guest, on the first show.
So…should you wish to watch, switch on the Community Channel on March 1st at 8.00pm UK time. Tune into Community Channel via the following TV platforms:

Freeview 63 / Freeview HD 109 / Sky 539 / Virgin 233 / BBC iPlayer /
freesat 651 / TVCatchup / TV Player / TV Guide / YouTube / BT Vision.



Sleepy head

A supper of tea and toast,
hot butter on
white bread.
Turn in early,
way before the watershed.
Snuggle down
to read that book
you’ve already read.

Trying hard to
stay away from
the cold side of the bed.

Too late

I’m about
10 years out of date,
a generation too late.
Lost out on the
newest trends
just trying to
meet the ends.
No cash for treats,
no expensive shoes on my feet.
So I keep my head down
when I’m travelling around
this gold plated town.
See diamonds bigger than ice
twice as cold,
and on a finger
not 19 years old.
Too late to try more,
make more,
take more.
Don’t even want to see truth,
realise, those eyes looking
through you,
you don’t exist, do you?

Out of date.
A life too late.


Cram the burger.
Squeeze the fries,
Belly bigger than
Your hungry eyes.

Scoop the sauce
Eat the meat.
Don’t worry you
Can’t see your feet.

Eat it quickly
Win the race,
Shove it in
Your pasty face.

Load the gravy,
Gorge the pies
Clothes go up
Another size.

Eat when hungry,
Eat when not.
Eating all you’ve got.

To do list

Get up
Think about you
Put the kettle on
Think about you
Wash last night’s dishes (plate, knife, fork)
Think about you
Think about you
Dress (jeans, jumper, boots)
Think about you
Walk to work
Think about you
Think about you
Walk home
Think about you
Cook (pasta, sauce, veg)
Think about you
Think about you
Dream about you


The man in the moon

I tell you I’m
Alone on our back step,
Watching the moon.
That tonight it’s
So brilliant the
Heavens soar to
Praise him.
That he lights up
The vastness
Of deep black and
Uncovers the
Universe, bigger than
I ever imagined.

You say as big
As that sky is
It’s teeny in comparison
To how much
You love me.

I smile as
Bright as the moon,
Stars in my eyes.