You can’t see
To make it better.
New you,
Old news
Twice as hard
And deadened eyes.
Sugar in water,
Sickly sweet.

Headlines scream
The truth.
You hide in shallows,
Smiling saccharin.


Awkward formed
You were.
Moon head and
Swimming eyes.
Hard to catch in
Spit, drool, dribble,
Squat arms drowning
At your pink sides.
Frog legs kicking,
All the strength
Of a merman
Trying so hard.
Blew bubbles,
Oily air reflecting light,
But you never
Broke the surface.

Awkward formed,
A figment of
Their imagination.

Wooden horses

You make wooden horses.
Long slow strokes a tail,
Whittle and chip.
Strong hooves,
Unbridled, free.

I sit still as air,
Waiting for one
I can ride,
Tumbling into the sunset,
Sawdust under my nails,
Oaked trail dust at my
Kicking heels.
Unbridled, free.