Queen for a day

I’d like to be queen
for a whole happy day,
and not listen to things
my advisors say.
I’d dress in jewels
and ermine fur,
enjoy a stretch limo
with my own chauffer.
I’d tear up London town,
get down on the street,
grooving along to
my own royal beat.
A big palace party,
throw open the gates!
Invite Phillip, the corgi’s
and loads of my mates.
Drink from cut crystal glasses
the finest champagne
(no cheap warm prosecco
on my stately reign)
With Wills on the music
and Kate on the floor,
so much laughing and dancing,
never seen before!

But in the morning,
with the flag at half mast,
I’ll simply look on the evening
and smile at time past.
And without even a moan
or a grump or a frown
I’d hand back that
glorious regal crown
I’d like pretending at Queening
but really, you see,
I’m richer and happier
just being me.


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