A lunchtime feast

“An oozing meat pie
With fresh minted peas.
Fat fish and chips
With vinegar please,
A succulent slice
Of a big gammon ham,
And some buttered toast
With lashings of jam.
The breast of a chicken
Wrapped up with some pasta.
A microwave meal
Because I need to eat faster.
A creamy, silken
buttery risotto,
Some thick unctuous cheese
(That smells like a no-go).
A mountain of veg
Browned under the grill,
And pass the puddings -”

You’re hungry still….?!…

“Treacle-ly tart and
Lashings of custard
A thick chocolate brownie
(My gosh! That’s good!)
A jam tart or two,
And an apple-y pancake
A flapjack, gateaux
plus home-made gooey tray bake….”

You scrape your plates,
Sit back and smile.
I start clearing the table,
Glad you’re full for a while.
But just as I think you’re nearly done,
You ask “Dinner, later. A table for one..?”


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