Below the horizon

With frozen eyes slow widening,
See your cold dawn breaking hard.
Ears white and burning,
Hear facts and truth and fear,
Feel ripped sky under your finger nails,
Bite hard on the purples, blues
A mourning of bruises.
Taste the bitter, swallow the pill,
Drag yourself heavy,
Twelve degrees tight
Below the horizon.


Social stalker

I watch you dancing,
blurred on screen.
I watch your wild nights out,
unclean, obscene.

I watch you laughing,
smiling, free.
I watch you love,
your family.

I watch your sadness,
hurt and pain,
I watch your anguish,
see you cry again.

I watch you triumph,
I watch you angry,
working late.

I watch you proud,
best you can be –
as I scroll through facebook

I watch you all,
but you don’t see me.
I watch you all,
but you don’t see me.