A grown-ups take on growing up

I’d ignore all the jeers about spots and braces,
Not getting served in pubs and places.
I’d ignore the boys and their silly games,
The endless nasty, cruel names.
I’d ignore getting bullied about the colour of my hair
Or what clothes I had to wear.
I’d ignore being taunted as the swot,
Just caring about what grades I got.

I’d be true to me,
Be who I wanted to be.
Not let living in a small town
drag me down.

What’s normal anyway?
Didn’t realise half the kids in class were gay.
That the teachers liked a smoke,
Pepped themselves up with an occasional line of coke.
That the bike shed ‘bikes’
Only did what they did behind there to be liked.
That the bullies were just as scared and lonely as me.
It’s just when you’re older it’s clearer to see.

And what’s ordinary anyway?
Give me me, any day.


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