For Dad, on Fathers Day

Daddy, you and me
we go long back.
Just a twinkle in your long-haired eye.
Fast forward and where did those years go.
Sticky pigtails to lipstick, one hell of a show.

You taught me
learning was knowledge and
knowledge could make me be anyone.
You told me I was beautiful,
inside, outside, all sides.
You said that these are my feet and
I should stand on them,
plant them firmly, and shout back if I needed to.
That a flash of temper now and again
from a nice girl didn’t hurt.
You showed me that playing loud guitar,
swigging bourbon from the bottle
And to bed at 6am isn’t just for kids.
You made me realise I should follow my beliefs
and not care about
those people trying to mould me, control me.
You showed me to be here now. That present moments
are the precious ones.
You made me understand humans make mistakes,
but that’s ok. That love forgives every day.

Daddy, you and me
we have years to go.
Still a twinkle in your short-haired eye.
I love you to the moon and back
my bestest, most wonderful Daddio.


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