The commute

The music leaks from your headphones.
Worming into my ear. 

Your newspaper scratches.

I know its busy but

I don’t like you leaning on me.
The elbow in my back the breath on my face your hand too close to mine as we hold on grip tight for dear life. 

And if this is life, stop the train.

I want to get off  
I want to get off
I want to get off


2 thoughts on “The commute

  1. I´m with you on this one all the way, specially when I have someone by my side that´s with his or her wassap. Damn that´s annoying, first the incoming wassup then the person texting, can´t they put down the volume of the text every time they hit a button and they hit a button to say what exactly? “I´m in the bus” answer ” I´m at work” reply “cool”. What´s with the wassup thing…..I´m old school I guess.
    Very nice blog you have here, great poetry glad you stumbled upon one of my nutty posts

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