For Valentine’s

You’re really a marvellous husband,
Much better than all the rest.
You cook, you clean, you do diy –
You really are the best!

Make me smile when I’m feeling angry,
Cheer me up when I’m feeling sad
And you’re not even really shouty
When I’ve clearly been very bad.

You pick up my pants from the bedroom,
You scoop my hair from the drain
You’ll listen to my gibberish
When I’m drunk and being a pain.

You always cook me dinner,
Let me watch awfully trashy TV
You do the ironing, make the bed
You’re always thinking of me.

In fact, you’re quite incredible.
Much better than just good.
I probably don’t tell you that
As often as I should.

So my darling husband,
Let this poem live to tell
That with our recent marriage
I feel I’ve done quite well.

Thank you for being wonderful,
In everything you do.
(Thanks also for not minding when
I’ve forgotten to flush the loo)

I think you are the bestest. 
I love us being together
You’re tipidy top, my number one.
And I’ll think you’re fab forever.


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