The life and soul

Everyone knows
you can sleep when you’re dead.
So I take drugs and party
and don’t go to bed.

There’s boys and there’s girls
I take anyone home,
I’m always open and
never alone

Life’s all wrapped up
In dancing and fun,
And I’m having a ball –
you can ask anyone.

I hold the record for the longest time on it…
I’m proud to announce it was
72 hours solid

I’m known on the scene,
take your photo with me!
At club nights I’m like a celebrity.

People ask me why is it
that I do what I do.
When I’m out it’s like
I become someone new

And drink stops me thinking,
‘cos thinking is bad.
It makes me remember the life I once had.

A wife and a family.
A hug and a kiss.
It’s not till your sober that you see what you’ve missed

So I take pills to get up
and dance and get down.
The oldest and saddest
clubber in town.


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