Limerick for the lost

‘Things between us aren’t good anymore’ 
Heart sinking, I stare at the floor.
‘Felt like this for a while…’
– I swallow down bile –
Hold back tears as you walk out the door.


Madonna at the Brits

Fall over,
What the headlines
Are all about.

Page two,
Page three,
Column inches
For all to see.

Papers selling
Hot off the press,
Happy for
Another’s stress

Tickets selling
For the tour,
Faster now
Than they were before

Sales for you
And sales for me.
Don’t you love


Trophies of a life well travelled, well lived
Adorn your concrete box, swagged and swathed.
Look, look all!
See how this rich life shines!

Take your golden things.
That you care so much for.

Take them and let them burn.

It is your need, not their comfort
That drives you to keep them.

I would have it all to ashes
For one moment
Where I take beauty in the uncluttered silence.
Sun catching dust through a muted window

All the world

It has been so late
And so long
And I’m so sorry
That there have been no phone calls
No late night everything’s alright
Calls to say hi and a slow goodbye.

I can make all the excuses in the world
That work is finishing late
And home isn’t home until way past eight
But please know,
Please know,
That I think of you every day,
Hope against hope you’re okay
And that I love you to the moon and back,
all the world and more.

Nature’s way

It’s the pull of it.
The Green Land.
The land of strange tounge and old sayings.

A place where only you
can be the only one
For a million rolling hills. 

Where shadow play
turns the view,
And stone and slate and sweat. 

whipped low with wind and the
raw clean fresh of it.

It’s the pull,
The green,
The you, the only you
Raw and wild and free.

Awards season

Black tie. 
My oh my the drama.

What stress! Which dress?
6 inch shoes must make front page news
Make up just right,
Belle of the ball on the night.
Keep that thousand pounds smile
Sparkling all the while –
Who might you sit near
To further your career?
Don’t eat, don’t eat
Keep the waistline neat.
Shoulders back, pose for the pics
Tits out, focus in the right bits
Smoke hard you fool,
But look relaxed, so cool.
And as the party’s getting louder,
Out comes the white powder.
No appetite and it’ll keep you up all night.

An ostentatious show of wealth
Takes its toll on your heath
But fame fame fame…
You need to win this game.

Black tie.
My oh my the drama.