Maybe it’s because

I’m not rude. Its just my general mood.
I’m a Londoner.

I can smile. But choose not to all the while.
I’m a Londoner.

I could hold the door, but don’t bother anymore.
I’m a Londoner.

I’ll push on the train. Won’t feel your pain.
I’m a Londoner.

You might be pregnant, need to sit. Think I give a shit?
I’m a Londoner.

I’ll bully you. You’ll do what I want you too.
I’m a Londoner.

Love the world’s greatest city. And watch me with pity.
I’m a Londoner.


One thought on “Maybe it’s because

  1. Oh dear!…… You can take the girl from (you know where), and you know the rest! Very good though, I do like what your doing, but I am bias. X


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