Misplaced Resolutions

New year new you.
Get up get going you’ve got so much to do.
You need to change
the whole of you.

Change your shape, get thin,
now’s the time to begin
toning, stop moaning about jeans too tight.
It’s not alright.
You’re a mess, confess
you hate you every time you’re at the mirror.
Averting eyes just fuels the lies.

Thin will change your life. That’s right.

Thin will make
your boss be kind,
you’ll sleep better, unwind,
you’ll be rich,
pleasant tempered, never a bitch.
Thin will give
you inner peace,
stress relief.
Your mortgage will be small,
you’ll hear adventure call.
Thin will make
your job more fulfilling,
the men more willing.

Just need to get
Let your life begin.


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